Apr 6, 2023
Putting Mats

The Best At-Home Putting Greens 2024


s golf enthusiasts, we understand the importance of honing your putting skills. But with so many putting mats on the market, it can be tough to determine which one is the best fit for your game. That’s why we’ve tested six of the most popular putting mats to help you make an informed decision. The mats we tested are: PrimePutt, Birdie Ball, Big Moss Golf, Practice Perfect, Putt-about, and Sklz putting mats.

Testing Method:

To test the putting mats, we evaluated them based on the following factors:

  1. Surface quality and consistency
  2. Durability and ease of use
  3. Accuracy of ball roll
  4. Realism of putting experience
  5. Price

We also mapped out the major pros and cons of each of the mats that we reviewed: 

Each mat was tested by a panel of experienced golfers who spent several hours putting on each mat in various lighting conditions. We also considered customer reviews and feedback from industry professionals to ensure a comprehensive analysis. We also scoured the internet for real reviews and opinions from real customers. We always back up our finding with the original link to the source so that we can remain as unbias and evidence-based as possible.

Here is a lineup of the mats that we tested


Tour Grade winner 2024: PrimePutt Tour-Quality Indoor Putting Mat

An official image of the PrimePutt putting mat, selected as the best putting mat of 2023


  • ✅ Offers an extremely realistic putting experience, identical to a real putting green.
  • ✅ Durable and premium material
  • ✅ Laid perfectly flat immediately without any props or back folding
  • ✅ High-quality turf that provides a consistent ball roll
  • ✅ Super quick setup, simply roll it out
  • ✅ Compact and easy to store
  • ✅ Great return policy
  • ✅ 60 day money back guarantee
  • ✅ Comes in multiple sizes
  • ✅ Distance markers to practice different putting lengths


  • ❌ No ball return
  • ❌ No alignment lines

Our top pick for the best putting mat is the PrimePutt. This mat provides a true-to-life putting experience that closely resembles real greens. The high-quality turf ensures a consistent ball roll, and the ball return system makes practicing easier and more efficient. The mat is also compact and easy to store, making it a great choice for golfers who want to practice at home. At a reasonable price point, we believe the PrimePutt is an excellent investment for any golfer looking to improve their short game.

Real Customer Feedback

We found this real review from pro golfer and golf influencer, Zac Radford. We like this review because you can see Zac compare some of the leading mats and share his honest thoughts. This video looks to be unsponsored, so seems to be a pretty great objective review.

Here are some comments from under the video: 

We love checking out Reddit for real customer opinions. Have a look at this Reddit post about the PrimePutt.

There is an honest review from The Golfy that can be found here. One interesting thing about the PrimePutt is since the review was made, the PrimePutt changed their design to remove the flagsticks, which is pretty cool as they must be listening to customer feedback and continually improving their product.

2. Birdie Ball

An official image of the Birdie Ball from their website


  • ✅ Close to a true roll with a speed similar to most greens
  • ✅ Quick assembly
  • ✅ Rubber bumpers
  • ✅ Good for practicing longer puts


  • ❌ May not provide the most realistic putting experience
  • ❌ Does not include a ball return system
  • ❌ Some users may find the mat to be on the smaller side
  • ❌ Cups were too shallow and it did not feel like making a real put.

The Birdie Ball putting mat is a solid option for golfers who want a portable, affordable putting surface. The high-quality turf provides a consistent ball roll, and the target hole adds a fun challenge. However, some users may find the mat’s size to be too small, and it doesn’t provide the most realistic putting experience. Additionally, the lack of a ball return system can make practicing more tedious.

Real Customer Feedback

Here are some comments from under the video:

3. Big Moss Golf

An image of the Big Moss mat from their website. It was hard to find any good quality images of their mats.


  • ✅ Having smaller holes for practicing precision was a nice touch
  • ✅ Fairly durable and looks good
  • ✅ Can easily add breaks to the green


  • ❌ The backstop was pretty flimsy and attached with long tees
  • ❌ Speed was slow
  • ❌ Low quality cups
  • ❌ High shipping costs ($50)

This mat is fairly expensive and has some design flaws, but it's still a great option. Shipping costs $50 for basic shipping, which added more to the price. It's definitely not as good overall as the PrimePutt and rolls less true than the BirdieBall Indoor green, but if you practiced on this one for a few weeks and got creative with the break pads, you'd see some improvements on the course.

Real Customer Feedback

Finding real online reviews of the Big Moss was a bit challenging but we did manage to come up with some Reddit posts.

Some of the comments on YouTube seemed think that the mat was tough to stand on

4. Perfect Practice

The Perfect Practice golf mat from their website


  • ✅ Sleek compact design
  • ✅ Ball return gives you more practice puts in less time
  • ✅ Two hole sizes for sharpening your putting


  • ❌ Carpet like material gives a bumpy and inconsistent roll
  • ❌ Never laid fully flat
  • ❌ Ball return comes apart easily

The Practice Perfect putting mat is a good option for golfers who want an affordable, compact putting surface. The high-quality turf provides a consistent ball roll, and the alignment aids can be helpful for improving your stroke. However, the mat’s small surface area and lack of a ball return system may not be ideal for all golfers. Additionally, some users may find that the mat does not provide the most realistic putting experience.

Real Customer Feedback

Some of the comments were a bit negative


Found this image of the Putt-a-bout mat on their Amazon storefront


  • ✅ Incredibly simple set up
  • ✅ Easy to pack up and store


  • ❌ No alignment markers, ball return, cups with pins, or backstops
  • ❌ Made of cheap material
  • ❌ Would have been nice to have varied cup sized

The Putt-about putting mat is a budget-friendly option that includes a ball return system for added convenience. However, the smaller surface area and lack of realism may not make it the best choice for serious golfers. Additionally, some users may find that the ball roll is not as consistent as they would like.

Real Customer Feedback

6. Sklz Acclerator Pro

An image of the Sklz Accelerator Pro


  • ✅ Putt from 3 different distances and alignment marks to help with accuracy
  • ✅ Very space efficient


  • ❌ The ball return didn't work well
  • ❌ It was very difficult to get the mat to lie flat
  • ❌ Materials feel and look cheap
  • ❌ The putting runway is narrow and looks pretty bad

The Sklz putting mat is another budget-friendly option that includes alignment aids. However, like the Putt-about mat, it may not be the best choice for golfers looking for a more realistic experience. The smaller surface area and inconsistent ball roll may also be drawbacks for some users.

Real Customer Feedback


After extensive testing and evaluation, we believe the PrimePutt putting mat is the best option for serious golfers looking to improve their short game. Its high-quality turf, realistic putting experience, and convenient ball return system make it a great investment. However, the other mats we tested are still solid options for golfers with different needs and preferences. Ultimately, the right putting mat for you will depend on your individual goals, budget, and practice environment.